Increase the value of data

The digital revolution is already under way - and no industry has been able to stay away from it. Advanced data management - will allow you to reach a new strategic level for your company and have benefits in the very short term.

"Data is 21st century oil. But unlike oil, the data is inexhaustible"

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Data is a mission-critical for any organisation



Make you company more organised and productive.


Avoid unnecessary data duplication and reuse data smartly.

Data driven decision

Make informed decisions that lead to successful outcomes.

Make decision faster

You don’t charge by the hour in to run your business.

What we can help you with


Data analytics

  • Building models based on customer tasks using algorithms and machine learning.
  • Performing advanced data analytics to process selected data from big data sources and data warehouses to present it in a visual context and help convey the significance of said data.


Data consulting for solving business cases

  • Support with process scale-up through to large-scale.
  • Offer process solutions that support your data collection and management needs.
  • Suggestions in seamless integration with your critical business systems.


Data Management

  • Data storage and management in terms of correct architecture, speed, convenience.
  • Analyzing live data.


Data engineering

  • Collecting data from different sources regardless of complexity and volume.
  • Preparing data for analytics and reporting.
  • Combing different types of data.
  • Data quality and integrity.


Data visualisation

  • Creating an advanced dashboard in a meaningful format.
  • Creating advanced reports rich in content with many options for customization.


Our work is the result of full collaboration & teamwork of complementary minds.


Cloud and server solution using widows technologies and applications for loading data, building a database and front-end on Power BI.

Estimated value for the company :

€ 0.5 - 0.7m / year

Cloud and server solution using widows technologies and applications for loading data, building a database and front-end on Power BI.

Estimated value for the company :

€ 0.3m / year


Extract the potential of your business by using single point to access of all data

We Use

External Data and data of the company’s digital tools

  • Company Site Data

  • Social Media Data

  • Internet Analytics Data

  • Open Data

Data from Internal systems of the company

  • Data storage

  • Account system

  • Billing system

  • Processing systems

  • Other

You Get

Digital model of the company or process management

  • Web Analytics

  • Sales/Income analytics

  • Cost Analytics

  • Forecast and recommendation using complex statistical models and artificial intelligence


Project leaders to support your needs

Project Management

Our project managers have a wealth of knowledge, practical experience and a proven track record of success supporting large commercial manufacturers. Whether you are a start-up or large-scale manufacturer, have a small or large project, you can count on DatBi to support your requirements and deliver projects that meet project specifications and are on time and on budget.

Business Analysis

Our team of experienced analysts provides process solutions that include conceptual design, Our keen understanding of business systems enables to delivers solutions designed to help you get the most from your data and to run your facility at its full potential.


Our team of engineering experts has deep knowledge of process sciences, operations, automation and process engineering, maintenance, commissioning. We provide a range of engineering services to help you maintain, upgrade or optimize your data.

Technology Storage


*available for projects

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